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    Until I changed myself, I could not change others.

    – Nelson Mandela
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Mandela Day & Beyond

Mandela Day & Beyond

There is a slogan that says we should make everyday a Mandela Day – sounds good and few would disagree; but do we? Or maybe the question is; “do we really want to?” A group of like-minded individuals and organisations have decided to come together to make a difference. We are diverse; we come from various socio-economic backgrounds, various faiths, various cultures, various ages, various organisations all bound together by one common factor – love for our fellow brothers and sisters. Madiba was, and very much still is an example of moral leadership and serves as a huge inspiration for people all over the world – he truly is a legend. His life and calling will remain with us forever. This site is dedicated to all those who are committed to making a difference, no matter how big or small your acts of kindness may be.

“The opposite of good is NOT evil, it’s apathy and indifference”

Herewith some of the organisations who are part of this initiative:

This site will continue to develop as we add more and more examples of people and organisations practicing random acts of kindness. We will in future also be adding blogs that inspire and bring hope. Should you wish to register click here. Drop us an email, send us information, take pics and tell us your story.

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